• The Entrepreneurial Mind of Chiropractor Dr. Deborah Hill

  • Posted on October 23, 2021
  • Operating in the state of California, Dr. Deborah Hill is a licensed and board certified chiropractor who thinks about things a bit differently than many others in her profession. She operates from a firm belief that everyone’s mind is far more powerful than most people understand. It is that belief that led to her development of the Shield Method for losing weight and taking greater control of their lives. This method is also the basis upon which she created the Shielders Company.

    The Shield Method is based on Dr. Deborah Hill’s belief that it’s possible for people to use their "super willpower" to overcome innate urges to do certain things that are not great for a healthy life. Those can include eating more than you should, smoking or any number of other behaviors that can lead to serious health problems and problems that reduce the quality of life. In addition, Dr. Hill also believes patients can reduce the need for medications by mastering pain with the power of their mind. Her belief in “mind over body” has been shown to work time and time again.

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